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Fruitz Paste Connoisseur (FPC) specializes in the concoction and production of ready-to-use pastes with a versatile range of uses.

Our signature durian paste, widely endorsed by pastry chefs, is the first of its kind as it is recognised in the industry as a technique breakthrough. The ready-to-use pastes can be used directly on confectioneries, pastries, cakes, chiffon rolls, steamed buns, puffs, mooncakes, desserts and many more.
Our products are free from artificial flavourings and preservatives.

Our Ready-to-use pastes:
Signature durian paste (baked-stable)
Signature durian soufflé
Snowskin durian paste
Mango paste
Soursop paste

You can speak to our consultants for customised formulation of paste according to your needs and requirements.

For any enquiries or pricing, reach us at +65 8125 6789 or
email to sales@fruitzpaste.com.sg